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The Pheasant (short) 2022 UK

After hitting a pheasant on the way home from work, a self-important young woman must confront the dishonesty in her life head-on. Can she keep her facade yet again and push away the responsibility of dirty work, or will the cold reality of the English countryside get the better of her? And of you?

Directed & Story by: Mai Hedvig Lyngby

Produced by: 9 Noir Productions

Exe. Producers: George Caton-Coult, Vivek Sharma, Mai Hedvig Lyngby

Script by: Nicolás Grajales Ortiz

Director of Photography: Hongyi Zhao

With Charlie Lyne, Richard Lloyd &

Jake Kemp

AWARD WINNER - Tokyo Shorts 2023 - Best female student director.png
Skærmbillede 2023-01-30 kl. 11.50.02.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York International Women Festival - 2022.png
SILVER SCREEN laurel.png

Bournemouth University Film Awards
- Best Directing -
- Best Editing -
- Best Cinematography -
- Best Script -
- Best Production -

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 07.17.06.png

EKKO film magazine Shortlist Bobler

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Still 5 The Pheasant.png
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Still 18 The Pheasant.png
The Pheasant_ArtPoster.PNG

Full crew:

Directed & Story by: Mai Hedvig Lyngby
Executive Producer: Mai Hedvig Lyngby,
George Caton-Coult & Vivek Sharma
Script by: Nicolás Grajales Ortiz
Director of Photography: Hongyi Zhao

Gaffer: Anibal Castaño
2nd AC: Nikhil Kujur & Ning He
Best boy: Femi Abiola
1st AD: Jay Menos McIntyre & Rebecca Prow
Production assistant: Emilie Firgaard Rasmussen
Editor: Madhumitha Balamurugan
Sound Design: Gabriel Hansen
Colour Grading: Anibal Castaño
On-Set sound recordist: Jay Menos McIntyre & Vivek Sharma
Set design & costume: Bethany Easton
Set design assistant: Madhumitha Balamurugan
Original score 'I am capable'  by: Peter Brandt
MUA team: Ananda Siml, Zoe Pyne, Meghan Ablett

Nina: Charlie Lyne
Man: Richard Lloyd-Knight
Alfie: Jake Kemp

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