The Pheasant
2022, short film

Launch: Festivals
Length: 12 min 35 seconds
Genre: Existential dark comedy
Chosen for festival submission contribution by Bournemouth University

Gaffer: Anibal Castaño
2nd AC: Nikhil Kujur & Ning He
Best boy: Femi Abiola
1st AD: Jay Menos McIntyre & Rebecca Prow
Production assistant: Emilie Firgaard Rasmussen
Editor: Madhumitha Balamurugan
Sound Design: Gabriel Hansen
Colour Grading: Anibal Castaño
On-Set sound recordist: Jay Menos McIntyre & Vivek Sharma
Set design & costume: Bethany Easton
Set design assistant: Madhumitha Balamurugan
Original score 'I am capable'  by: Peter Brandt
MUA team: Ananda Siml, Zoe Pyne, Meghan Ablett


We are very pleased that THE PHEASANT team won 5 awards at the Bournemouth University Film Awards on June 7th 2022.
The Pheasant won in the following categories:

- Best Directing -
- Best Editing -
- Best Cinematography -
- Best Script -
- Best Production -

Charlie Lyne
Man: Richard Lloyd-Knight
Alfie: Jake Kemp

Directed & Story by: Mai Hedvig Lyngby
Executive Producer: Mai Hedvig Lyngby,
George Caton-Coult & Vivek Sharma
Script by: Nicolás Grajales Ortiz
Director of Photography: Hongyi Zhao

Commercial poster

Art poster by Emma Perrin



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