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White Water (short) 2022 UK

Ava is stagnated in her life due to depression. She is looking for a sign to go on.

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Selected for screening

in category:

Best Female Experience

Directed by: Mai Hedvig Lyngby

Produced by: 9 Noir Productions

Exe. Producers: Mai Hedvig Lyngby

Script by: Beyza Gün

Director of Photography: Arseni Morin

With Carmen Holloway &

 Winnie Winwood

SEMI-FINALIST - Boden International Film Festival 2023 - BEST ACTRESS.png

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Full crew:

Directed by: Mai Hedvig Lyngby
Story by: Mai Hedvig Lyngby 
Script by: Beyza Gün
Produced by: 9 Noir Productions Ltd.
Execute Producer: Mai Hedvig Lyngby
Ass. Producer: Rebecca Pluck

Consultant: George Caton-Coult
Production coordinator: Emilie Fiirgaard & Viktoriia Shchegarova
DoP: Arseni Mori
AC: Hongyi ZHAO
Gaffer: Nikhil Kujur
Production Design: Mai Hedvig Lyngby
Sound design: Gabriel Hansen
Ass. Sound Design: Frederik Pedersen
Sound Recordist: Connoor Mellish & Xander Wiles

ADR recordist: Wade Woods
Editor: Semin Ahn
VFX: Suraj Bathija
Colour Grading: Anibal Castaño
Costume Designer: Ananda Siml
MUA: Ananda Siml & Emiilie Fiirgaard
Composer: Peter Brandt & Gabriel Hansen
Location manager: Mai Hedvig Lyngby
Assistant set design & dresser: Ananda Siml


Ava: Carmen Holloway
Hannah: Hannah 'Winnie' Winwood
Adam: Ethan Hayes
George: Akash Sharma
Father: Ian Falconer
Mother voice: Filomena Martin Jones

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